Open Space

The Open Space in Makers Quarter will total more than 72,000 SF in itself while also being adjacent to the 4.1 acres of the future East Village Green.

A fully integrated open space system gives residents and visitors a place to engage in authentic interactions that might not otherwise occur. These serendipitous moments lead to increased creativity and collaboration, and serve as a foundation for innovation. 

Makers Quarter incorporates open space into the very fabric of the built environment, with intention and by design. Intertwined amongst the buildings are a series of outdoor spaces, plazas, and parks designed for visitors and residents to enjoy San Diego’s perfect year-round weather, together.

Master Plan

Makers Quarter Plaza

MQ Plaza Statistics:  50,000 SF Open Space

  • Plentiful seating for all to enjoy the neighborhood atmosphere woven throughout Makers Quarter
  • Open space venues for events, movie nights and other gatherings
  • A total of 72,000 square feet of plazas and open space amongst Makers Quarter
  • A comfortable, safe place for workers, residents and visitors to relax outside in the fresh air

StreetLights Makers Quarter Pocket Park

StreetLights Makers Quarter Statistics: 19,893 SF Retail ~ 295 Residential Units ~ 22,361 SF Open Space ~ 419 Parking Stalls

Over 22,000 square foot public outdoor space with seating, bike racks, shade trees, unique natural features and a west facing orientation towards East Village Green for spectacular sunsets.  The pocket park is designed to function as an event venue with many variations and flexible uses, such as weddings, art shows, book readings, food and beverage tastings, movie nights, and public or private gatherings of all sorts.  The placement of the park compliments the food/beverage operation with a potential to share space and operations at the foot of the SHOW building while anchoring the west side of the property.

  • Multiuse plaza area opening up to the public realm
  • Modeled after the success of the nationally recognized SILO activation with events programmed to promote the integration of makers, artists and innovators
  • Adjacent restaurant deck overlooking the park with potential for shared use events
  • Incorporating the rich neighborhood history throughout the park
  • A highly intentional set of mobile tables and chairs that provide for flexible uses
  • Series of opportunity to seat over 200 people including but not limited to: weddings, concerts, catered events and galleries

East Village Green

East Village Green Statistics: 4.1 Acres Open Space

  • This city owned park will be the largest urban park in San Diego
  • 4.1-acre multi-block park
  • A variety of amenities that include but are not limited to: leash-free dog areas, food opportunities, multi-use lawn, children’s park, pavilion and plaza areas
  • Phase 1 is projected to encompass the BLOCK bounded by 13th, F, 14th and G Streets, the narrowing of 14th street and 20,000 SF at the northeast corner of 14th and G Streets