Creative Office

San Diego’s next new employment hub, offering 1 M SF of creative office, will be opening between Early 2018 and 2022.

One million square feet of creative office space isn’t just a place to work—it’s an authentic lifestyle. Designed for those who push the boundaries of what is and what will be, Makers Quarter will be the hub of a sustainable live/work/play lifestyle, positioning this neighborhood to be San Diego’s newest technology-based employment center for the entire region.

Workspaces will be transformed into an interconnected neighborhood. This neighborhood will capitalize on your company’s intellectual wattage and company accomplishments will be charged with social currency. In short, while working in this creative space you will create the unimaginable through a collective ethos that sparks productive ingenuity.

BLOCK D at Makers Quarter: opening Summer 2018

BLOCK D Statistics: 51,192 SF Office ~ 9,061 SF Retail

Maximizing sustainable design choices, BLOCK D offers:

  • Natural and cross ventilation through overhead sectional garage doors
  • Aiming to be downtown’s first net zero office building
  • Boosting creative productivity through highly effective open interior spaces
  • Designed to optimize energy efficiencies, indoor air quality and human well-being
  • A tenant-operated sun shading system, reducing heat gain and lowering energy bills
  • Flexibility to change the architecture based on use requirements
  • Multiple balconies and outdoor circulation space

BLOCK A at Makers Quarter

BLOCK A Statistics: 231,400 SF Office ~ 250 Residential Units ~ 90,000 SF Retail ~ 836 Parking Stalls

BLOCK A will be a highly mixed use building, integrating state of the art sustainable design principles, a historic warehouse base and what is considered to be the most desired office floor plate configurations. BNIM is the architect and has integrated their global expertise in world-class sustainable architecture and place making. Arguably the most desirable space of the project, BLOCK A offers:

  • Floor-to-ceiling glass
  • 70-foot floorplates
  • 10-foot finished ceilings
  • Side core plus L-shape corridor configuration
  • Shared roof deck

The location within Makers Quarter combines the prestige of Broadway, connectivity of 16th Street and the future promenade design of E street with the charm of 15th Street, which will include a combination of dining, cafes, coffee shops and breweries, as well as the Makers Quarter Plaza and the future East Village Green.


BLOCK C Statistics: 748,000 SF Office ~ 48,000 SF Retail ~ 50,000 SF Open Space ~ 1,098 Parking Stalls

The design of BLOCK C, by architect BNIM, revolutionizes creative office space in Downtown San Diego - combining the vibrant, urban location of the Makers Quarter neighborhood with unparalleled features, including:

  • A contiguous 50,000 square-foot office floor plate
  • Connectivity with balconies, skyways and a side core
  • Full-integration with the Coliseum and the Makers Quarter Plaza
  • Unmatched visibility along F Street, the entrance into Downtown from the MLK Jr Freeway