Collaborative Community


    Makers Quarter™ is a gathering place of San Diego’s Artists and Innovators, and the heart of our city’s Maker Movement. The Maker Spirit has always been part of the fabric of East Village, from the original home of Jerome’s Furniture almost a century ago, to the brewers at 10 Barrel Brewing, to the modern day Makers who perfect and teach their crafts in the Moniker Warehouse today.

    Makers Quarter™ is located at the intersection of San Diego’s hippest neighborhoods, best attractions, and most convenient transit. As an extension of the East Village tech corridor, Makers Quarter™ serves as the hub for San Diego’s urban innovation economy, offering the environment and culture that inspires our city’s Entrepreneurs, Artists and Makers to unleash their creativity.

    San Diego is America’s most innovative city, and Makers Quarter™ it’s most innovative neighborhood, fostering collaborative community where our city’s brightest minds come to live, work, play and create.