Makers Quarter: The Catalyst for downtown San Diego's Arts, Culture, and Innovation District

Since 2013, Makers Quarterâ„¢ has leveraged the talent of San Diego’s brilliant Artists and Makers to foster a neighborhood focused on community, creativity, and collaboration. Through year-round events at SILO, pop up art shows at Warehouse 1425, and educational forays into the Maker mindset at Moniker Warehouse and Fab Lab, each one of you has helped us accomplish precisely what we set out to build: a community of like-minded individuals inspired to dream and execute on a vision for our city’s future.

Today, we’re proud to share a comprehensive perspective on the evolution of Makers Quarter - the East Village neighborhood where Artists, Makers, Innovators and Entrepreneurs converge, to live, work, play and create. This video offers a glimpse into Makers Quarter’s role as a catalyst for community engagement; an innovation-based work hub; a sustainable, livable, and walkable neighborhood; and as a home for San Diego’s vibrant arts and culture scene. We hope this vision excites and inspires you as much as it does us, and welcome your ongoing contributions to our evolution.