San Diego Film Festival Preview

On Sept. 13 and 14, Makers Quarter™ opened the doors to SILO—the latest addition to our downtown neighborhood. They took this old abandoned lot and transformed it into another beautiful space full of life and open with possibilities. 

Partnered with the San Diego Film Festival, our creative teams brought together an incredible evening filled with great art from varying mediums and an excited crowd who could appreciate it all. 

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Before this lot became SILO, it was once used to load sand into cement trucks. Not a very glamorous use, but still SILO was part of the maker movement from the start. Now that an amazing team of local artists and makers lent their contributions to our space, it is one of the most unique and inviting outdoor venues in downtown San Diego.

On Friday as we put our finishing touches on SILO, the sun began to set and guests started to arrive. As they made their way around visiting our partners, mingling with other makers, admiring the live art installations, getting a drink from one of three bars set up, and finally settling down to view the films – they knew they were part of the first of many cool events happening at SILO.

On Saturday, we were ready to go and enjoy another excellent time at SILO in Makers Quarter™. We had a different crowd, all of which were still equally excited to be a part of something great happening in downtown.

We couldn’t be happier with the turnout and need to give thanks to our many artists, partners, and sponsors. We truly believe community is the foundation for Makers Quarter™ and are looking forward to more great nights at SILO. If you’d like to join our community building efforts, please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on recent events and news in Makers Quarter™. 

Christopher Konecki, Kyle Boatwright, PERSUE, Dolan Stearns, Carly Ealey, Neko Burke, EXIST1981, The Kid Peep, Sergio Hernandez, Joey Vaiasuso,