El Henry - A Without Walls Production

La Jolla Playhouse, in association with San Diego Repertory Theatre, presented a Without Walls production: El Henry

Directed by Sam Woodhouse, El Henry is a futuristic, site-based adaption of Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 1. The play opened on June 14 at SILO in Makers Quarter and featured the Culture Clash Co-Founder Herbert Siguenza as “Fausto”!

It’s the year 2045 in a huge, run-down metropolis called Aztlan City (formerly San Diego), where political apathy and corruption run the city while violent barrio families run the streets. It’s a harsh new world where Hispanics, Mexicans and Chicanos rule as the majority in this new society abandoned by Anglo America.

When El Hank, the ambitious leader of all the barrios, finds his street kingdom threatened by El Tomas and his hot-headed son El Bravo, he seeks the help of his brave and charismatic son El Henry. But El Hank finds his son wrapped up with a bunch of low-life thieves and drunkards headed by the lazy Fausto.

Written in Calo, a unique poetic cadence that mixes urban Spanish and English slang, and performed outdoors in an urban street environment – this world premiere adaptation is Shakespeare for the 21st Century.

*Contains mature content including strong language, violent situations and sexual themes.

El Henry was the first Without Walls (WoW) production to follow La Jolla Playhouse’s acclaimed Without Walls Festival. Learn more about WoW