about makers quarter™


Makers Quarter™ is both a place and a collective ethos. We are a community of Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Makers, located in San Diego’s East Village, who leverage our collective power to inspire our city and our world.

Makers Quarter™ is inspired by the Maker Movement, which has always been part of the fabric of East Village. From the original home of Jerome’s Furniture, to the modern day Makers who perfect and teach their crafts at Moniker Warehouse, Makers Quarter™ offers a creative environment that inspires entrepreneurs and artists to challenge convention and achieve new heights in innovation.

Mission + Vision

Makers Quarter™ begins with what matters most: community. Our mission is to cultivate a neighborhood for San Diego’s Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Makers. We aim to preserve the existing Maker Spirit that already thrives here, while consciously developing lifestyle, residential, and business properties, designed to reflect the artistic integrity of the neighborhood.

The planning and design of Makers Quarter™ is constantly evolving to meet the community’s needs, but the following principles will always remain at the heart of our mission:

  1. Establish, enhance and promote San Diego’s core culture.

  2. Create a new employment hub for downtown and the surrounding region.

  3. Create an authentic, dense and sustainable urban space.

  4. Foster a walkable neighborhood that encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Ultimately, we envision a neighborhood overflowing with artistic endeavors, ideas, resources, and creative learning opportunities, where San Diegans can live, work, play, and thrive. Our hope is that Makers Quarter’s™ reputation as a cultural hub will continue to attract the talented millennial workforce that is required to sustain and strengthen San Diego’s innovation economy. 


Makers Quarter™ is the newest addition to San Diego’s vibrant Downtown, which is home to nearly 75,000 employees and 35,000 residents. Makers Quarter™ is located in Downtown’s East Village tech corridor, where San Diego’s most innovative companies are based, and is nestled amongst some of the city’s most diverse and culturally rich neighborhoods: Golden Hill, South Park, Sherman Heights and Barrio Logan.

Makers Quarter™ defines the northeastern edge of Downtown and is adjacent to the world-class Balboa Park. With accessible public transit and direct freeway proximity, Makers Quarter™ has dynamic and vibrant cultural influences pouring in from every direction, making it the most inspiring place to live and work in San Diego.


With a combination of local, national, and international talent, Lankford & Associates, Inc., Hensel Phelps and HP Investors offers the breadth of talent and the depth of knowledge with the experience necessary to implement the long term vision for Makers Quarter™, starting now.


Lankford & Associates, Inc. is a family owned and operated company rooted in San Diego since 1984.

By focusing on quality, we have developed a reputation for delivering projects to the community that engage the public. They have been a source of pride while also helping to promote and facilitate critical sectors in the San Diego region’s economy. In the heart of downtown the Hall of Justice responds to the needs of civic service. Our cutting edge science building, Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, continues to receive awards for design and sustainability while providing top scientists with a home base for solving the toughest medical problems of our times. Here at the urban core of San Diego, we have created projects that focus on transit, walk-ability and livability that include places for businesses and most importantly, people to thrive.


At Hensel Phelps, our job goes beyond building projects. We believe in building relationships that last for decades. Doing that takes a lot more than delivering concrete, steel and mortar. It means building the type of commitment, trust and partnership that give our clients real peace of mind. It means training our employee-owners to consistently provide unsurpassed expertise, processes and performance in everything we do. It requires leveraging innovative technologies that keep projects running smoothly, and looking for ways to add value at every turn.

Since 1937, we’ve been driven by the simple belief that, projects come and go but relationships are forever. That’s The Hensel Phelps Way.


HP Investors is a family-held real estate ownership, investment and management firm, based in San Diego. HP Investors’ principals have been active investors in downtown San Diego for over 30 years.

The firm invests with a focus on urban retail and hospitality properties, and currently manages more than 600,000 square feet of assets in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, and other urban markets.  The firm has acquired more than 150,000 square feet in downtown San Diego retail in the past three years. The firm invests with the objective to create long-term value not only for our investors but also for the communities we invest in. HP Investors has offices in Oakland and San Diego. Additional information on the firm can be found at www.hpinvestors.com.