Block D is a transformative 60,000 square foot collaborative office hub located in the heart of East Village. Surrounded by the area’s most prominent retail experiences (Punchbowl Social and 10 Barrel Brewing), world-class residential, and vast green/open areas (East Village Green), Block D is a catalyst for the creative and collaborative community with an atmosphere that will inspire!




The building utilizes active exterior elements that adapt to a wide range of personal preferences, all while optimizing its sustainable performance by responding to environmental conditions. The main element consists of a motorized shading system. This system protects the curtain walls and glass garage doors that facilitate natural cross-ventilation. The doors are arranged in pairs on the east and west facades and open to exterior walkways and balconies. The sunshades are tied to the BMS system and automatically adjust during different times of the day/year to optimize solar performance.


The spec plans allow for maximum flexibility. For example, a creative company occupies a level or section of a floor and takes full advantage of the garage doors. The openness of the indoor/outdoor space fosters creativity, and they often override the BMS operation to bring more daylight into the space. On the other hand, a corporate firm that values and utilizes a more traditional office layout relies on the shades to provide optimal daylight while eliminating glare. The garage doors are opened minimally, so no disruptions are caused by outside noise. In both examples, the flexibility and energy savings are invaluable to their workflow and budget.

This building will influence future office concepts in urban sites. It also demonstrates that considering facades as stagnate structures limits potential. Rather, recognizing them as an extension of the user and dynamically integrating them into the environment provides us with buildings that have a long life and a loose fit. This approach reinforces the importance of human-centered design and emphasizes how adaptable facades can help address the complexities of both human nature and human needs.


Makers Quarter is located at the intersection of San Diego’s hippest neighborhoods, best attractions and most convenient transit. As an extension of the East Village education and tech corridors, Makers Quarter fosters a collaborative community where our city’s brightest minds come to live, work, play and create.

Creative Office

Makers Quarter is creating a new employment hub for downtown and the region, anchored by artists, makers and innovators.

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Urban Living

The Makers Quarter neighborhood combines parks, plazas, bike paths, great restaurants, entertainment, creative office and education within Downtown San Diego.

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Street Level

A unique collection of curated goods, services, dining and entertainment at the junction between Downtown San Diego, Balboa Park and Golden Hill.

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Open Space

A network of public and private plazas + parks interwoven throughout Makers Quarter and connecting with East Village Green.

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